Common Questions and Helpful Info

Things Every Paddler Should Know

  • Experience and Fitness: This is an adventure focused on relaxation and natural beauty. The trip is not rigorous and requires no prior experience with canoes and kayaks. We’ve had patrons of all ages, from six months old to 90 years old! Our trips are down river, with the current. Complimentary onsite instruction is available.
  • Food and Drink: We encourage you to bring along a picnic, cooler, drinks (alcohol permitted). Or we can arrange a box lunch from one of our local eateries for groups of 12 people or more. Call for details, advanced notice is required. What ever you choose, please no littering!


  • Canoes and Kayaks: The canoes we provide are 17-foot aluminum Grummans, Osagins and Mitchicrafts. Our single and double kayaks include Oldtowns, Pungos and Daggers. Canoe Outpost furnishes you with paddles and life jackets. Seat cushions are available for $1.00 and seat backs are available for $5.00. Canoes have plenty of room for gear, coolers, dogs, etc. Our kayaks have space for gear and are designed for leisurely touring.
  • Personal Gear: Daypacks, sun block, sunglasses, hat, insect repellent, shoes you don’t mind getting wet, change of dry clothes. Snorkel gear recommended.
  • Anything Else? Canoe Outpost sells ice, sodas, water, sunscreen and Canoe Outpost t-shirts!


Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I see alligators? There is a one in five chance. If so, observe from a distance. It won’t bother you. You’ve heard it before but they’re more afraid of you then you are of them! Other wildlife you might observe include deer, otters, beavers, wild boar, wild turkey, raccoons and a vast array of birds, fish and reptiles.
  • What kind of camping is available? Privately owned campsites include Lily Spring, Blue Springs and Ginnie Springs (fees may apply). If you do not need any amenities, there is considerable undeveloped, unposted land along the banks of the river.
  • How old do you have to be to canoe? Everyone is welcome to canoe with us. We’ve had patrons of all ages, from six months to 90 years old!
  • Can I bring my dog? Canoe Outpost is dog friendly. However, the majority of public and private springs do not allow dogs. Lily Springs allows dogs but requires them to be on a leash at all times. You must clean up any waste.